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Writer:  Eijaz Mir 

Playing with the emotions of the people is the usual talk of his day
Talking nonsense is the basic part of my way
Betraying is the rigid mission of his ‘say’
Crook fellow has become the tattered drops of hay

Malicious acts overpowered him day and nights
The rays of evilness showered him black and whites
Snatching all powerful sights
Igniting him with blur and black lights

Ignorance has penetrate his senses like ultraviolet rays
Infecting his mind just like cancer lays
The heart is not responding his wails and cries
As it has overcoated by some malice lies

Acts and actions have become horror for me
Deceiving myself and my people has become shover to see
How long shall I seek something lee
Which is not beyond my awaiting ree

My sailing ship is in the midst of the horrible sea waves
Misfortune has befallen on us like loud sounds of rails
Awaiting Godly help is not in sails
The disaster is creeping on us like Wales

The wailing sinner is not yet in a mood to repent, so easy!
That is why everyone has made him, his prey, so crazy!
The dreadful sins are dashing him, so lazy!
Waiting for the pious flash, so breezy!

The writer is the columnist, poet and an orator. He can be reached at

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