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Altaf Bukhari extends gratitude to the people for their support to Apni Party in DDC elections

“I am indebted to people for reposing trust in our truthful politics”

SRINAGAR, December 23: Apni Party President Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Wednesday extended gratitude to the people of Jammu and Kashmir for their massive participation in DDC elections which shows their deep urge and commitment for democratic processes.

He also thanked people for voting and ensuring the win of Apni Party candidates in significant numbers in DDC elections.

In a statement issued here, while thanking people for the win of his Party’s 12 DDC candidates and independents supported by it, across Jammu and Kashmir, Bukhari assured people that his party will tirelessly work for their socio-economic development through all forums available to it, in times to come.

“Apni Party is overwhelmed with the support of people which gets reflected in massive voter turnout in favour of our candidates in all districts of J&K. I am highly indebted to the people for reposing their trust and confidence in the Apni Party which believes in peoples’ welfare,” he observed.

He said the people across J&K especially in district Srinagar deserve much accolades for coming out in support of Apni Party and ensuring win of four of its candidates in DDC and municipal elections concluded recently. “After giving us Mayor of SMC, the district Srinagar has given us three winners and independents supported by Apni Party in DDC elections,” Bukhari said, while pledging to continue with indefatigable efforts for making the lives of people better.

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