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The Prophet Muhammad SAW has propagated the message of peace and love all through his life


The demographic structure includes almost all religions of world with clear tilt towards HINDUS,thanks to the inclusion of Buddhism and jainism in same bracket. This mixture in its ambit Includes wide cultural diversity as a whole with religious sanction to some attributes on this priority. But as a whole country traversed path of development in socio economic sphere where there seems convergence of interests barring miniscule issues to hold across the line sanctions for holding country in making or Nation in making as a composite whole. Most often this thing comes to fore from some corners who talk about composite culture. It’s this notion wherein lies the potential to help INDIA OF DREAMS IN MAKEUP. This notion survived during the Congress system due to secular credentials of the political class. But the change is in infancy , the notion is being perverted to get things align against ones wishes. This time the violation doesn’t involve any high profile political leader or guardian of public trust but the guardian of public opinion. The tweet of ROHIT SARDANA represents the perverted for of the said notion and it amplifies its  scope for introspection. This trend is most sensitive as the MEDIA is hailed as 4th Estate of government which keeps close eye to ensure accountability and transparency, to be nearer to ensure the rule of law prevails over rule of despots, equality over inequality, justice over injustice,  and the highest citadel freedom over suppression. Does the message aligns to mandate?                                   The message need to be analysed at a much deeper level as the country which maintains rule of law with CONSTITUTION at top and SC as qui vive on sentinel from citizens side deserves its due. The message is wider in context of growing frustration and obscurity of mind play behind the walls which will no longer help to accomplish the targets we set. The constitution invokes the FREEDOM OF RELIGION to every citizen of country as his fundamental right. Let’s analyse the BJP leaders message through prism of legality and left the religious sanction untouched for some time where the issue is much more sensitive than expectations. The state maintains secularism as policy towards all religions with no preference to one over other. Herein lies the blurr lines which are most often violated while advocating any case of communal matter. Thus the open implication of message is clear violation  of religious sentiments to Muslims. In fact the IPC includes a crystal clear section  for banning such practices and contains the punishment for people who breached the legality by their actions. Under section 295A( deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage feelings of any class by insulting its religious beliefs). No belief as in present case is bigger than ever for Muslims which was hurt by the BJP leader. Has IPC reach to BJP? In fact  the speech is in clear violation to IT ACT 153 A ( promoting enmity between groups on religion etc etc ). Why the media moguls are silent to raise their voice? Isn’t it in sync to their TRP ratings?                         Second orientation of message is to analyse its origin of yore. The serious scanner of such volatile comments send red signal round corners of vigilant leadership and offers challenges in front of them. The role of leader and its commitment towards citizen centric governance deserves respect. These crimes might have accumulated dust on archive of government machinery if the media reach hasn’t been fair. But this time the ideological orientation is a sensitive dimension for media moguls to delve. They shouldn’t dare to dabble in the issues not meant for promotion of harmony and peace in the country like India. It’s ambiguous to comment upon this void and insensible notion of BJP leader about Sentiments of Muslims who are in minority in the backdrop of COW SLAUGHTER BAN, TRIPLE TALAK and innovative dimensions like LOVE JIHAD. Is media promoting harmony of interests? The leadership of modern democracy has been given a shaky appearance by such individuals in context of adding fuel to fire . If that be not the case, the BJP leaders message at individual level is also a slap on face of Indian credentials. Such an informed citizen might not have touched the topic in as shameless a manner as it created a simmering discontent with back to back call for social boycott . The citizen should introspect one’s actions before proceeding any further on freedom of others or the dream of FRS is burned to its fate in infancy.                            

Writer: shahid Majeed Mir

Now the legal sanction on one side , the religious belief of minority communities sentiments deserve respect. With last Prophet on Earth from ALMIGHTY ALLAH, HAZRAT MUHHAMAD  ( S. A. W) has propagated the message of peace and love all through his life. His pious ideal of bring world under ISLAM through preach sends serious messages to every community . He opted migration at times over war to propagate his noble task, which recognised by almost all communities in plain  white. Though the message to other corner is to be taken from legal analysis,but one can put the debate on table of criticism for serious discussion. The comments are in clear violation  to ideals of ISLAM in toto. The personal law of every community is the personal sphere which needs to be given its due. Though idolatry is banned in ISLAM , but we need to be cautious while commenting upon  Hindu community being involved in such practice. Here lies the parllel section  of lines who seem more skew than parllel. The message of propagation in ISLAM is not in contrast to their belief but to seriously involve them in debate for RIGHT AND WRONG. Even QURAN clearly mandates for “LAKUM DEENUKUM WALIYAD DEEN”( may Allah forgive for mistake,to be read in Arabic accent) means to say ” PREACH THE MESSAGE AS YOU ARE PREACHER, IF THEY HISITATE THEN LEFT THEM TO THEIR FATE, ALLAH IS THEIR TO DECIDE”, if not mistaken . Then where does lie the distinction  lines which provide sunshine and water for such notions to survive.                                   To a nearest member of society, the BJP leader has clearly violated our freedom of religion. Is government stick to its saga RULE OF LAW? Will the leader be booked ? Will he face trial ? The country holds sobriquet of unity in diversity with secular credentials. The message is clear for being a sensitive and sensible topic as such. The fair trial of justice awaits at the doors of this BJP leader or let him face the trail of public whose sentiments were hurt by his message. The failure may pull the community in different directions which most often expresses the mood though violent style of decision making. The country awaits its approval for being secular to clear the mandate of arrest for the BJP leader to punish him in accordance with law of the land or the law serves no purpose than mere license for power bearers.  Clearly not public apology  but severe punishment corner such elements only. To end with a note on the saying ” if u want to know the status of society , introspect it’s activities on its attitude towards minorities”. The secular credentials have came across the line through the media at this juncture. To survive is to serve for better. Or the society will serve you for the worse. Let’s hope to get some bolt from blue, though I an ambiguous but I am ambitious to protest of  individual level. My message is to gauge your activities and contribute for enhancement of capabilities for whole nation,otherwise the distinction of war for BHAGAT SINGH AS shaheed Azam to GADARI HIND- MIR JAFFER.

Writer Shahid Majeed Mir is an Author of the book “Untold Stories of Kashmir ” and can be reached at

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