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Conduct of Bye-elections to Panchayats and Block
Development Council

Conduct of Bye-elections to Panchayats and Block
Development Councils.
Government Order No.852-JK(GAD) of 2020
Dated: 14.09.2020
Sanction is hereby accorded to the constitution of Apex
Level and Divisional Level Committees, comprising the following
officers to conduct preparatory work for elections to the Panchayats
and Block Development Councils:-

(I) AD~X Level Committee:

Panchayat Raj

  1. 1 Any other member as may be co-opted by I Member

    1. I the Committee
      Principal Secretary to the Government,
      Home Department
      Director General of Police, J&K
      Additional Director General of Police
      (CID), J&K.
      Commissioner/Secretary to the ,
      (11) Divisional Level Committee(s1:

Government, ~rans~oi Department
Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir/Jammu
Secretary to the Government,
Department of Rural Development &
(a) Kashmir Division:-
(b) Jammu Division:-

1 Secretary 1
Divisional Commissioner, Kashmir
Inspector General of Police, Kashmir
Director, Rural Development, Kashmir
Any other member as may be co-opted
by the Committee
Divisional Commissioner, Jammu
Inspector General of Police, Jammu
Director, Rural Development, Jammu

  1. I
    Apex Level Committee:
    To draw a road map and detailed schedule for conduct of
    Elections to vacant Panchayats and BDCs across the
    Union territory on the basis of inputs from the Divisional
    Level Committees and upon assessment of the ground
    level situation taking into consideration various
    requirements including security, logistics, personnel,
    equipment etc.
    Any other member as may be co-opted
    by the Committee
    Divisional Level Committees:
    Based on an assessment of manpower, security, logistics,
    transport, equipments and all other requirements, the
    Divisional Level Committees shall submit an outline of the
    possibilities and constraints to the Apex Level Committee.
    These reports shall be submitted by 21.09.2020.
    The Apex Level Committee shall submit its report to the
    Government by 28.09.2020.
    The above Committees shall be serviced by the
    Department of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj.
    By order of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.
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