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DDC Election: Bhat appreciates voters of Aloosa for massive support to PAGD

PDP registers thumping win in vacant Sarpanch, Panch wards in Aloosa block

Bandipora, Dec 07: Senior leader and former legislator Nizamuddin Bhat has appreciated people of Aloosa Block for their support to PAGD during fourth phase of DDC election and Panchayat By-polls on Monday.

Bhat in a statement said as is indicated from virtual sweep and thumping win of Panch wards in the block by PDP affiliated candidates, Alliance candidate for DDC is sure to register a massive victory from here.

Bhat said PDP affiliated candidates have captured all the ten panch wards from Aloosa A and B, 2 panch wards from Kehnusa, 2 from Ashtengoo Ghat and 4 wards from Malangam while 2 Panch wards have been won by JKAP in Kema as per results declared so far.

He said that out of 3 Panch wards in Aloosa Ghat 2 have been won by the PDP while one was won uncontested by the JKAP.

He said that Aloosa Sarpanch ward was also won by the PDP while 4 Panch wards in Kema were won by the NC, 2 panch wards each of Binlipora were won by the PDP and NC respectively and One panch ward was won by JKAP.

He said he is confident that vacant panch wards from Ashtangoo and Ketsan will also go to his party of which details are awaited.

Bhat said it is heartening that Apni party candidates were not seen in reckoning from entire Block which has been “our“ traditional support base.

Bhat expresses hope that PAGD will register a massive victory from all other blocks which are going to pollls on 10th, 13th and 19th.

He appealed to the people to defeat the nefarious designs of BJP and its allies so that Jammu and Kashmir is restored to prestine glory and ushers in new era of hope and success.

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