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  1. DDC Elections:BJP Candidate visits Bandipora’s Remote villages,interacts with people

‘says fallacy of Traditional goverment ruined lives of necessitous people’

Bandipora 22 November(KNS):District President Mahila Morcha BJP Bandipora And DDC Candidate Bonakote Block Bandipora Naheed Qamer Tilat today visited Athwatoo village of Bandipora,a remote village some 25kms away from District Headquarters Bandipora and interacted with the community members of Athwatoo and it’s adjoining village Tangtri.

Naheed along with other party members visited the athwatoo and Tangtri villages and discussed the nodus with the people of these villages.

She said that,during interaction the people exhibited various issues which includes lack of road ,water,Electricity and other basic amenities in these villages.

“as my eyes filled with tears, my heart got drastic change.When i saw the circumstance of Tangtri village. A village which is 25 km far away from main town a village without the basic amenities of life”,she added.

She accused earlier governments by saying that, the fallacy of preceding goverments ruined lives of inerrable people, people can’t even confer their petition as this is the benignity of old governments and politicians.

“I will not confer any fabricated behest to people whatever is in my genuineness I’ll confer my gore to my people”, Naheed said.

Later,Naheeda also had an interaction with local youth and assured them of all sorts of help to highlight their genuine issues.

She assured the people that their problems will be solved on higher priority basis in collaboration with the district administration Bandipora.

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