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For the Online Examination of those Fresh (batch-2018) / Backlog candidates enrolled with this
Directorate for P.G. Diploma Programmes (PGDTM, PGDBA, PGDCA, PGDBE, PGDWD and PGDCL) and
Diploma (DPPTT), and who colud not submit their responses / answers due to technical / low internet
issues during the examination held in August-2020: Their examination shall be held online under the

abled supervision of their respective Coordinators at Computer Lab, Directorate of Distance Education,
Naseem Bagh as per following schedule:
Date/Date Course title Course code Timing
Fundamentals of Tourism Management PGDTM-18101 11: 00 am
Management and Organisational Behaviour PGDBA-18101 11: 00 am
Computer Fundamentals and Applications DCA-101 12: 00 noon
Basic Computers and Internet PGDWD-101 12: 00 noon
Basics of Internet Communications PGDCL-101 01: 00 pm
Tourism And Recreational Resources PGDTM-18102 01: 00 pm
Marketing Management PGDBA-18102 02: 00 pm
Computer Programming Fundamentals Using C DCA-102 02: 00 pm
E-commerce & E-governance PGDCL-102 11: 00 am
Travel Enterprise And Tour Operations Management PGDTM-18103 11: 00 am
Human Resource Management PGDBA-18103 12: 00 noon
Human Resource Management In Tourism PGDTM-18106 12: 00 noon
Data Base Management System & Oracle DCA-103 01: 00 pm
Cyber Crimes and their Regulation PGDCL-103 01: 00 pm
Accounting & Finance For Managers PGDBA-18104 02: 00 pm
Accounting & Finance For Managers PGDBE-18104 02: 00 pm
Web Programming DCA-201 11: 00 am
Trade Mark Law and Domain Names PGDCL-104 11: 00 am
Development of Language and Manipulative skills PT-04 12: 00 noon
Managerial Economics DBA-102 12: 00 noon
Data Communication and Networking DCA-202 01: 00 pm
Copyright and Internet PGDCL-105 01: 00 pm
Project Management PGDBE-18103 02: 00 pm
Information Management DBA-106 02: 00 pm
NOTE:- Candidates are advised to adhere strictly the guidelines issued by the Govt. Of India from time to
time in view of COVID-19 pandemic. Cadidates are asked keep android phone / laptop with them during
the course of examination. In case of any query/ clarification please feel free to contact our Control
Room or Coordinator Examination during working hours on:
01942-272254, 9419763548, 9596252256 or e-mail

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