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  1. I belong from the land of stories and epics, Sumyla Yaqoob from dhobiwan kunzer, Calligraphy Artist

Burhan Hussainii

In Kashmir, however, there has been a recent revival of traditional arts and crafts-facilitated by the lockdown that followed the abrogation of special status to Jammu and Kashmir, and then the coronavirus pandemic. Many youth, stuck indoors, took to calligraphy and other artwork in many parts – particularly in the Kashmir valley.

Calligraphy work in Kashmir these days is being noticed, as youngsters, particularly girls, in every nook and corner here have been showing overwhelming interest in the artform ever since the lockdown was first imposed.

Across Kashmir, young calligraphers are exhibiting their beautiful calligraphy artwork on different platforms of social media, thereby inspiring others to take part in it and contributing to a revival of sorts.

Meet Sumyla Yaqoob, a young girl from Dhobiwan Kunzar, Calligraphy Artist

Sumyla tell us about yourself?

I belong from the land of stories and epics, I’ve grown up listening to those stories. Though my name, Sumyla, doesn’t linger any story, I started to create one. I have been blessed with this art of calligraphy, this pandemic forced me to tame this art, every stroke of brush against the canvas brings peace to me, initially I kept this art to myself but soon i realised the power of art is only seen once it travels, so I started sharing my art, lockdown has been a blessing in disguise, as I was appreciated by family and friends. Praise to be Allah with this soulful art, I have my own story to narrate.

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