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Srinagar, August 18: Intending pilgrims of Hajj 2020, Kashmir division are being informed to collect their passports from their respective Deputy Commissioners office as per the notified schedule.

However, the pilgrims of district Srinagar shall collect their passports from Hajj House Bemina strictly as per schedule.

It shall be noted that the passports shall only be handed over to the concerned Intending Pilgrims after producing the receipt received at the time of deposition of the Passports.

The pilgrims of district Srinagar shall collect their passports strictly as per the below mentioned schedule.

 Cover Number     

S.No. From To Date of Collection
01 JKR-5-2-0 JKF-153-3-0 20-08-2020
02 JKF-154-2-0 JKF-302-2-0 21-08-2020
03 JKF-309-2-0 JKF-475-2-0 22-08-2020
04 JKF-485-3-0 JKF-672-4-0 24-08-2020
05 JKF-690-3-0 JKF-1714-2-0 25-08-2020
06 JKF-1717-2-0 JKF-1977-2-0 26-08-2020
07 JKF-1987-1-0 JKR-3119-2-0 27-08-2020
08 JKR-3120-2-0 JKF-3444-2-0 28-08-2020
09 JKF-3454-3-0 JKF-3609-2-0 31-08-2020
10 JKF-3616-2-0 JKF-4200-5-0 01-09-2020
11 JKF-4205-5-0 JKF-4903-2-0 02-09-2020
12 JKF-4913-3-0 JKR-5523-2-0 03-09-2020
13 JKR-5527-2-0 JKR-5855-2-0 04-09-2020
14 JKF-5856-5-0 JKF-6185-3-0 05-09-2020
15 JKF-6191-2-0 JKF-6565-2-0 07-09-2020
16 JKF-6590-3-0 JKF-7953-2-0 08-09-2020

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