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Extension in date of admission to
B.Sc. Nurisng / B.Sc. Paramedical/B.
Sc. Technology Courses- 2020.

Ref: (I) Noti cation No. 061-BOPEE of
2020 dated:- 18-12 2020
Notice No. 070-BOPEE of 2020
Dated: 23-12-2020

The date for completion of admission
process by the candidates Noti ed vide
Notification No. 061-BOPEE of 2020
dated:-18-12 2020 is hereby extended
from 24- 12-2020 to 28-12-2020 (04:00
P.M). The heads of the Institutions are
requested to furnished the shortfall, if
any, on 29-12-2020 (02:00 P.M) positively.

All other terms and conditions will
remain same as laid down in the above
referred Noti cation No. 061 -BOPEE of
2020 dated:-18-12 2020.

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