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NOTIFICATION: Acceptance of Registration Returns of Class 9th for the Academic Session
2018-19, through oine mode alongwith submission of Permission-cum-
Admission Forms by the eligible candidates for appearing in the ensuing
Secondary School (Class 10th) Annual/Regular,2020 Examination.

In order to safeguard the academic interests of the candidates, who could not submit
the Registration Returns for the Academic session 2018-19, in view of the unprecedented
circumstances, it is hereby notied for information and follow-up of all the concerned,
that the eligible candidates of the Aliated Academic Institutions of Kashmir Division
including District Kargil, shall be allowed to submit the same as per the below indicated
S. No. Description Last date Applicable fee

  1. Submission of Registration Returns
    (through oine mode)of left out
    students who were on-roll for the
    Academic Session 2018-19 in Class 9th
    , including eligible candidate falling
    under the category of underage /
    eligibility/ Migration cases ,and are
    eligible to appear in the Second-
    ary School  (Class 10th) Annual / Regu-
    lar,2020 Examination
    12th October,
    Rs. 1,000/- per candidate in addition to
    normal prescribed fee
  2. Submission of PCA Forms (oine) for
    Secondary School (Class 10th) Annual/
    Regular,2020 Examination
    Rs. 840/-(for candidates with 5 subjects)
    Rs. 1010/- (for candidates with 5+
    Besides, those Aliated Academic Institutions in whose favour the facilities have been
    released late by the General Section shall also submit the Registration Returns and
    Examination Forms as per the above schedule. However, the late fee of Rs.1000/- shall
    not be applicable to them.
    ● The concerned candidates/ Institutions shall approach the respective District/
    Tehsil Oces of the BOSE for submission of the Registration Returns and
    Examination Forms, through oine mode within the above notied last date,
    after which no claim shall be accepted whatsoever.
    ● The Concerned District/ Tehsil Oces of the BOSE shall compulsorily transmit
    the same to the Registration Section, latest by 13th October,2020 till 03:00 P.M.
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