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Jammu And Kashmir Board of School Education

In view of COVID-19 situation, students appearing in
forthcoming SSE /HSE-II. (class 10th and 11th) Session Annual/Bi-Annual Private 2019-20 Examination, are directed to wear
face masks, and under no circumstances will be allowed to
enter the examination centre without face mask, besides carry
Hand Sanitizers, drinking Water Bottle and maintain strict
physical distance while entering and leaving examination

Board Of School Education has taken all necessary measures to ensure physical distancing among the students, proper ventilation and fumigation/sanitization of examination centres.

Covid Prevention Measures to be observed by Examinees and
Examiners during the forthcoming Si Annual Examination (Class 10
and Class 12).

  1. Heads of the Institutions (Examination Centre) shall ensure proper
    cleaning and fumigation / sanitization of examination centre one
    day before the commencement of examination.
    2.’ Seats shall be arranged so as to ensure a physical distance of at
    least 5 feet between two students.
  2. Wearing of face mask is mandatory. Nobody shall be allowed to
    enter the Examination Centre without face mask.
  3. Students shall carry their own hand sanitizer and drinking water
  4. Physical distance is to be observed while standing in que during
    entry and exit from the Examination Centre.
  5. Frisking of examinees shall be done only while wearing gloves.
  6. Hands shall be sanitized with sanitizer before entering the
    examination hall, which shall also be made available at the
    entrance of Examination Hall by the Superintendent of the Centre.
  7. Hand shaking is strictly prohibited.
  8. Examinees shall be allowed to leave one by one so as to observe
    physical distancing and avoid crowding.
  9. Sharing of personal belongings shall not be allowed.
  10. In case any Examinee has some symptoms of flu or common cold,
    he shall be seated separately at a secluded place or in a separate
  11. Spitting is strictly prohibited.

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