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JKBOSE concession in syllabus of Classes 10th,11th and 12th Annual Regular 2020

It is notified for information of all the concerned that, in view of prevailing COV1D-19 Pandemic, the following concession shall be awarded to the students of Examination likely to be held in the month of November, 2020 in Ladakh as one time measure. classes 10th, 11th, and 12th Annual, Regular appearing in the forthcoming

The students appearing in these examinations shall have to attempt only 70% marks from the question papers which shall be treated as 100% at the time of evaluation. The score of students attempting less than 70% from the question paper shall be raised proportionately.

The students should note that question papers will be set from the entire syllabus prescribed for the session. However, as the student has to attempt only 70% questions instead of attempting all the questions, thus, there is resultant concession of 30%.

Explanation: For students appearing in subjects having no practical courses, the question paper is of 100 marks and the student has to attempt questions with a total of 70 marks.

However, for all such subjects which have both theory and practical components the concession will apply to theory part only. e.g. in Physics. Chemistry and Biology that have a practical component of 30 marks and theory question paper of 70 marks, the students shall attempt 49 marks (70% of 70 marks only), which will be raised to 100% i.e. 70 marks. For other papers having different marks scheme for theory papers the students shall have to attempt 70% of marks allotted to the theory paper.

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