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Jammu And Kashmir State Board Of School Education

Subject:- Extension of dates for Classes 10th, 11th and 12th.

In continuation to this office —Notification _—No. (Examn-|/III-Reschdl)Bi/An/SZ/J0/2020 dated 07-08-2020 in respect of classes
10th and 12th and notification No. F (Exam/HSP-I)8i-An/SZ/20 dated
20-05-2020 for class 11th. It is hereby notified for information of all the failure/Reappear/Fresh Private/ Backlog candidates that last date for submission of

Admission-cum-Permission forms pertaining to the above said ‘Glasses for the ensuing private Bi-Annual examination 2020 Summer-Zonectias been extended
up to 07th of September 2020 with a total fee as ‘shown’ below:-

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