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Relaxation in syllabus for the Students of Class 10th, 11th and 12th
of UT of Ladakh and Summer Zone Areas of Jammu Division.

In continuation to this office Notification No: F (Acad-C)
con/Syllb/X/X1/XII/20 dated: 31-10-2020 it is hereby informed for the
information of all concerned that concession/relaxation granted in syllabus is
enhanced from 30% to 40 % for the Students of Classes 10th, 11th and 12th

who are appearing in Annual Regular Dec 2020 examination from UT of Ladakh

and also Annual Regular Examination Feb-March 2021 of Summer Zone Areas of
Jammu Division, as one time exception.
The students shall be required to attempt 60% of marks only from the

given question papers which shall be treated as equivalent to 100 % and the
marks of the students attempting less than 60 % marks from the question paper shall be raised proportionally, at the time of evaluation.

(Dr. Farpoq Ahmed Peer)
No: F (Acad-C) Con/x/x1/XII/UTL/SZI/20
Dated: 26-11-2020. Diredtpr Academjcs 26/ul>0o
Copy to:

1. Comm1ssioner Secretary to Govt. School Education Department, Civil Secretariat Jammu for information. 2. Commissioner Secretary to Govt. School Education Department, UT of Ladakh for information. 3. Director School Education Jammu/Ladakh for information
4. Joint Secretary, Examination/General/Secrecy JD/KD for nformation.
5. All Chief Education Officers of J&K/UT of Ladakh for informmation
6. Assistant Secretary, Registration Exam-/Secrecy-II KD/JD for Information and necessary action. 7. Assistant Secretary, Central Secrecy for Information and necessary action
8. Assistant Secretary Sub Office Kargil/Leh form information and n.a. P.S to Chairman/ Secretary for information of the Chairman / Secretary 10 All Section Heads Sub/ Branch Offices of iK BoSF for information and necessary action. 11. Information officer JD/KD for information and for wide cirCulation of the Notification through electronic and
print media.
12. I/C website for i

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