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KU: Selection Notification No:- 3 of 2020 For MBA and MBA-FM (Main Campus) Session-2020

MBA and MBA-FM (Main Campus) Session-2020
Consequent upon the vacancies remained due to non-completion of admission formalities by some candidates, the
candidates whose particulars are mentioned below have been selected provisionally for perusing MBA and MBA-FM
programmes at the Department of Management Studies, University of Kashmir purely on the basis of CMAT Score
obtained by the candidates and counselling. The admission of the candidates is subject to:

  1. Production of all relevant original documents {Marks Card/s of qualifying examinations, State Subject certificate,
    Character, Reserved Category Certificate (wherever applicable) and Provisional certificates of the Institution last
  2. Production of valid CMAT Score Card;
  3. Fulfilling of minimum required eligibility conditions to be verified by the concerned Department;
  4. Production of NOC in favour of In-Service candidates (if any) form the concerned Department;
  5. Production of an affidavit sworn in before 1st Class Magistrate stating that:
    o I am not on rolls of any Institution;
    o All the submitted certificates/documents are genuine;
    o I shall strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the University in toto;
    o I understand that in case of any misinformation or concealment of any information or indiscipline or the
    certificates/documents submitted by me are not genuine or incomplete in any respect, my admission to the
    course shall be cancelled and I shall be subjected to legal action;
    o I submit this affidavit under free will without any pressure, compulsion, fraud or coercion.
    The provisionally selected candidates shall download the Admission Form from the official website of University and approach alongwith all the relevant original certificates and self attested Xerox copies of
    certificates/documents to the Head, Department of Management Studies, University of Kashmir for completion of
    admission related formalities from September 29, 2020 upto October 05, 2020. Any provisionally selected candidate, failing to
    complete the admission formalities by October 05, 2020, shall forfeit his/her right to admission.
    Sr. Form No. Name Parentage Category MM MO %age CMAT Roll No. CMAT Score
    MBA (Main Campus)
    1 20260356 NAZISH JAVAID JAVAID AHMAD WANI OM 10 7.5 75.00 JK0401100255 158
    1 20260431 SALLAH UD DIN LONE KAMAR UD DIN LONE ST 10 7 70.00 JK0401100870 53
    1 20260351 RAHEEN AFZAL MOHAMMAD AFZAL OM 10 7 70.00 JK0401100773 154
    2 20260132 PIR ZAID AHMAD SHAH PIR NAZIR AHMAD SHAH OM 10 6 60.00 JK0401100683 154
    3 20260316
    GILKAR SHOWKAT AHMAD GILKAR OM 10 6.7 67.00 DL0101101875 153
    4 20260187 FARHAN ZAHOOR MIR ZAHOOR AHMAD MIR OM 10 6 60.00 JK0401100469 153
    5 20260118 MUNAZZAH SHOWKAT SHOWKAT AHMAD WANI OM 10 8.07 80.70 JK0401100421 152
    6 20260021 FIZAH MUKHTAR ZARGAR MUKHTAR AHMAD ZARGAR OM 10 7.69 76.90 JK0401100172 151
    7 20260153 ASIF TARIQ TARIQ AHMAD MATTA OM 10 7.57 75.70 JK0401100486 150
    8 20260309 FARZAIN MUZAFFAR
    KHAWAJA OM 10 6.85 68.50 JK0401100301 148
    9 20260020
    RIZVI OM 10 7.08 70.80 JK0401100743
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