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Meet Kashmir Girl Azra Mufti | Author |P.h.d scholar From Kashmir valley

Azra Mufti from Batamaloo Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir is writter and scholar

•Burhan Hussainii •

Azra Mufti is an author of two books. Her first book namely Tearful Pages talks about crimes against women. Azra mufti came up with her second book Shattered Dreams which is a fiction novel and deals with the young generation of the valley. Apart from her writings, Azra has also done her contributions in the field of social work. She is the first Kashmiri girl to have written a novel on mental illness. She has acted as a resource person for various legal awareness programmes in collaboration with National Commission for women and worked for the upliftment of the society by educating the youth.My message to the youth is ” Try and Fly ” Never be a fail at trying, if you have some talent work on it till you get trained in it.
Try to find out what your talent is rather than copying the trend, then only you’ll love what you are doing.
She has delivered number of lectures at various universities, colleges and schools to foster education among youth. She is an active campaigner for mental health issues and has given talk shows on all the leading radio, FM and TV stations of Kashmir. Besides this, she has visited a number of organizations to foster education and creativity among youth. She is currently pursuing her doctoral research on psychological aspects of education.

Photo by: Ubaid Mukhtar

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