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NEP-2020: KU to augment facilities at UGC-HRDC

Srinagar, Feb 7:
The University of Kashmir is contemplating to aug￾ment facilities at its UGC-Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC) in line with the objectives
of the National Education Policy-
2020 and challenges thrown by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Addressing the inaugural session of the week-long online refresher course in social scienc￾es, KU Registrar Dr Nisar Ahmad Mir said: “Covid-19 has been a
great learning for academic insti￾tutions. We cannot let academics suff er in such situations.

Since our HRDC is primarily meant for
holding faculty induction and
refresher courses, we are, under
the leadership of our honourable
Vice-Chancellor, commi‘ ed to fur￾ther augment its facilities, espe￾cially for online programmes, so
that it continues to hold such its
academic activities unhindered.”
The refresher course for col￾lege and university teachers was
Saturday inaugurated by Vice￾Chancellor Prof Talat Ahmad.
Dr Mir said that teachers
haven’t been interacting much
or accessing libraries ever since
the Covid-19 started and this has
necessitated holding such online
refresher courses.
Prof Bashir A Khan, Dean of
Social Sciences at KU, who was a
guest of honour, said it has been
the university’s constant endeav￾our to see that our teachers don’t
lag behind in their pursuit for
knowledge and research.
Director UGC-HRDC Prof
Shabir Ahmad Bhat said all areas
related to social sciences were
important because these help
create better institutions and
systems that concern people’s
everyday lives.
He said the NEP-2020 aims to
provide quality education and the
responsibility of social sciences
faculty is very huge in achieving
the objectives of this national fl ag￾ship programme.
“The NEP 2020 is an oppor￾tunity for modern universities
to see how they can act as co￾producers of knowledge and
create partnerships with other
institutions of learning,” he said,
asserting that UGC-HRDC will
continue to work with greater
zeal to help teachers remain
updated with newer trends and
challenges in their fields of study
and research.
Prof Pamela Singla from Delhi
University’s Department of Social
Work, who was a guest of honour
and lead resource person for Sat￾urday’s session, said the refresher
course was an opportunity for the
participants to learn new things
which will benefi t the students
She congratulated the UGC￾HRDC for planning the refresher
course meticulously.
“This refresher course has
been designed to meet the
requirements of NEP-2020
which calls for an interdisciplin￾ary approach to education and
research,” she said.
Coordinator UGC-HRD Dr
Geer Mohammad Ishaq said
the refresher course has been
designed in view of the emerging
importance of social sciences and
the fact that Covid-19 pandemic
has had a massive impact on the
social life of people. Dr Sumeer
Gul, Course Coordinator, elaborat￾ed on the panel of experts for the
upcoming sessions of the refresh￾er course. Dr Geer Mohammad
Ishaq later presented a formal
vote of thanks.

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