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“Nothing beats the original Kashmiri Qahwah”, says Mufti Menk; shares video of famous Kashmir beverage

SRINAGAR: Famous motivational speaker and Islamic cleric, Mufti Menk’s recent Kashmir visit may have snowballed into a social media controversy but the noted Islamic personality has for sure been hugely impressed by Kashmiri hospitality and food.

In a video Mufti Menk shared on his Instagram handle a few days ago, one can see someone pouring hot kehwah into a cup which already has some safrron and dry fruits in it.

“Nothing beats the Original Kashmiri Qahwah! No matter how long the journey, the first sip rejuvenates almost completely,” wrote Mufti Menk while sharing the video remembering his recent visit to Kashmir.

Though it is hard to tell where the video was shot at, it seems it may be at the hotel where the Mufti was staying at in Srinagar.

Mufti Menk, who has a huge social media following across the world, received a lot of positive reactions and comments from Kashmiris.

The Kehwah video has received over a million views so far.

Earlier this month, Mufti Menk had travelled to Kashmir to solemnize the ‘nikah’ of a former minister’s son.

Following it there was massive social media outrage against the Mufti with people questioning his attending the ceremony.

A statement sent to The Kashmir Monitor purportedly by the office of Mufti Menk on Tuesday clarified that he had travelled to Kashmir at his own expense after he was “simply asked while in Dubai if he would come over to officiate a Nikah.”—(Kashmir Monitor)

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