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Pakistani Wives Demand Travel Documents

Holds Press Conference at Press Club, Srinagar

Srinagar CNS, Feb 15: The Pakistani wives of many former militants who returned home under the state government’s rehabilitation policy held a Press Conference at Press Club, Srinagar on Monday blaming that the government has done nothing to help their families.

They added that dozens of women who came to the Valley along with their husbands who had gone across the border to obtain weapons training but returned home in response to the rehabilitation policy for former militants announced by the state government demanded the travel documents so that they can meet their parents and relatives from the other side of the border

“We have no identity, no ration cards, no schools agree to admit our children, our husbands have no source of livelihood,” said a Pakistani woman namely Toiba heading the delegation, who belongs to Bagh area of Pakistan-administered Kashmir had come with her husband and two children

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