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Ajaz Tantray

Ganderbal 13 feb 2021: PHOTOGRAPHY PLAYS AN important role IN our visual minds and it has always been considered to have a special status for truthfully recording the world and
making people perceive photographs as something real. All these kind of pictures are capable of capturing and conveying to our eyes the distinctive features that our brains
need in order to be able to figure out what we are looking at persuasion in the media
age,. Photography has been developed from television, films, eye-catching magazines and the world-wide web which make up the mass media. A photo is bigger than thousands
of words, photo expresses a situation more clearly than thousand words this Is the
reason only, every aspect of news is incomplete without a photography
with description of any event makes the description more vivid and factual. A photo
accompanying news over any type of media
has greater impact any information without
the supporting of photograph appears incomplete. With the help of photograph on
newspaper illiterate persons understand the
language of newspaper. A person who is totally ignorant about any event can
understand the gist just by looking at the pictures. A photo never speaks a lie, because it is an evidence of any eventPhotography is
a craft that many freelance photographers overlook all over the world as their interest is in photography of art form. It is because of
this trend that most of us reporters are picking up the camera especially in the
advent of digital cameras. The best newspaper photographers and
photojournalists combine the art of photography with the storytelling abilities of
a reporter. If we have to improve our photos,
every photo we take should tell a story with action and movement. Newspaper
photographs should serve to tell a new element of the story through an action. This
means that each news photo should have an element of action simply asking a person to pose for a shot doesn’t tell a story in the
world of photojournalism. There must be an
element of action or movement in every
photograph, something must be happening in
every frame. In our
Kashmir region a Photo Journalist leads his
life in danger because,a pen can be made to speak a false story but a photo speaks the
truth. In Kashmir region Capturing of photographs and videos in such an atmosphere is totally difficult as compare to other world.
most of the photojournalists lost their lives while capturing photos. There cameras had been broken down and day to day they were forced to stay away from their proffesional duties Talking to the umar raina chief editor of glacier times and a local resident of gagangear Ganderbal said, almost from past one year
most of the photojournalists have been wounded in Kashmir during clashes and amid curbs in Kashmir its too much difficult for
photojournalists to capture images and videos
during that events. Some of the photojournalists loss their eye sight , Another boy namely Shahid jeelani bureau chief sree tv Ganderbal said, whenever there is a volatile
run away from it,but it is the
photojournalists who run towards it to cover
it for the world Photojournalists working here are always at risk of being hit by bullets ,Stones ,
teargas shells because they have to enter the
heart of clashes between protesters and the
forces to get a better angle for taking pictures. At International and national levels human right organisation wrote to the govt of Jammu & kashmir and as a journalist my humbly request to all
media association they should come forward and take rapid steps towards photographic proffisional duties and it should be
condemned by all at National and International platforms.

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