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Sahil gulzar

Shopain,25,August:Promises made for better road infrastructures in the district turn as another joke when it comes to link roads of the most areas and villages in the district.

In most of the district villages, roads have more potholes than carpeted and smooth surface. The potholes are so large that even drivers of four-wheelers have to think twice before commuting on these roads.

Residents of several villages in the district,including khargundcheck,nagbal,chitragam,kashwa,bandpawah are battling potholed roads in their localities.

Amid the pandemic the pathetic condition of roads is adding to the woes of residents. Negligence and lack of political will is to be blamed for the deplorable condition of the roads,said a local resident.

The inhabitants said that due to pathetic condition of the road- students, employees and patients face immense hardships to reach their respective destinations.

A local tavera driver Aakash mehraj told , who ferries passengers from Zainapora to shopain on daily basis said. “we have to face a lot of problems due to the bad condition of road. Our vehicles suffer damage to the extent that we have to repair them once every month. He appealed the administration to macadamize the road as soon as possible.

Meanwhile officials in R&B department shopain , told that the work on upgradation of roads in shopain would be taken up soon.

However, the locals have appealed to higher authorities to look into the issues for an immediate redressal.

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