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Oh God! Give me the strength to bear all sorrows and grief
Oh God! Give me the strength to share all relief
Oh God! Give me the power to seek Your holy belief
Oh God! Give me the will attaining peaceful sleep

How long I shall overpowered by ill omen!
How long I shall penetrate by the rays of devil demon!
Oh God! How long I shall endure the spirit of evil showman!
Oh God! How long I shall ponder over woman!

The selfishness and materialism has engulfed us chiefly
The human form has fallen prey of ill desires creepily
None of us have become Your real servant merrily
Oh God! Waiting for Your holy mercy so keenly

Thou art the healer of our dreadful wounds
Give us relief and dash away our pains, sloths and bounds
Oh God! Give us strength to achieve huge success, which sounds
Don’t deteriorate our will power in dashing mounds

O my Lord, give healing touch to my all boredom
Give me strength to overcome all gruesome
Oh God! Provide me with such a wisdom
That shall give me huge kingdom

Oh Lord! oh Almighty Allah! bestow me with pious heart
That shall remain busy in chanting Your songs a lot
Give me the strength to built a peaceful and happy cot
Oh God! Give me the strength to surrender my will before Your will and sought

The writer is a freelancer, columnist and poet. He can be reached at

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