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In an extraordinary 3 hour interactive program on ‘Road safety plus Covid awareness program’ organised by ARTO Baramulla, a range of topics were discussed by various subject experts. The program was organized at Santorum Institute Sopore.

The program was led by Dr Mubashir Jan, ARTO Baramulla who awared the audience about various traffic rules and regulations. Dr Jan’s main focus was on awareness regarding traffic education and how to change the mindset of public ad well as traffic officials.

ARTO also spoke about how the driving test was eased out to encourage drivers to take the test.

Regarding bogus licences another subject expert spoke about how the latest e-directory of licences is helping the department to weed out the fake licences. He also spoke about how road accidents were happening because of faults in road engineering.

During the Q&A session, ARTO Baramulla answered a range of questions of audience. The audience lauded the organisers for this interaction.

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