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Schools reopen for classes 1 to 8 in Jammu

Jammu, Feb 8: A week after
educational institutions
reopened for higher classes,
most of the schools in summer
zone areas of Jammu resumed
class work for the students
of classes 1 to 8 amid strict
COVID-19 protocol.
However, parents of many
students complained of
hardships in dropping and
picking up their wards in the
absence of school transport.
In the revised guidelines on
COVID containment measures
issued last month, the Jammu
and Kashmir administration
had allowed schools,
colleges, higher educational
institutions, technical or skill
development institutions to
reopen from February 1.
While the senior classes
in the summer zone areas
of Jammu division started
functioning from February
1, the junior classes resumed
functioning from February
8 in accordance with the
government order.
However, the schools in
Kashmir and winter zone
areas of Jammu will reopen
after the winter break later
this month or early next
month depending on the
weather conditions.
“We welcome reopening
of the schools after a long
break… the school is a must
for the overall development
of a child but the school
management needs to follow
the government guidelines
strictly for the safety of the
children,” Prashant Sharma
said after dropping his son,
a class 3 student, at a private
However, he pleaded
for restarting the school
bus service with certain
guidelines to facilitate hassle
free to and fro movement of
the children between their
home and school. PTI

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