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Srinagar Girl’s Maiden Poetry Collection ‘From My Pillow’ Hits Stands

Asif Iqbal

Srinagar, Nov 23 (GNS): Passionate about writing poetry for years now, a Srinagar-based academician has published her maiden poetry collection under the title “From My Pillow”.

Asma S. Zaroo, a Post-Graduate in Sociology with B.Ed and Bachelors in Literature, hailing from Kak Sarai, Karanagar in a conversation with GNS maintains that her poetry collection under the title ‘From My Pillow’ is an attempt to reach distressed and depressed souls to imbue in them a sense of positivity and endurance about the life.

“From My Pillow is a recreation of the positive vibes inside me that I wish to transpire in the hearts and minds of my readers to enjoy this life to its fullest”, Asma says.
“I had been longing to publish my collection for a long now but somehow I kept off, however the ongoing conditions have forced me to go for it for I feel this is the right time to reach the readers who have been struggling to get over the tide”, Asma says.

In her message Asma says that “I want people especially my readers to be optimistic about life and deal with problems in a pragmatic way rather than to brag about the petty issues.”

The young writer has meanwhile expressed her gratitude to publishers ‘Lit Light Globally’ for “giving her a chance to showcase her work.” (GNS)

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