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Srinagar records coldest night in 30 years

Srinagar, Jan 31: As Kashmir continues to reel under a severe cold wave, summer capital Srinagar recorded minus 8.8 degrees Celsius during the night between Sat- urday and Sunday, making it the coldest recorded night in the last thirty years.

The freezing temperatures
persist even after the 40-day harshest winter period of Chilai Kalan concluded on Saturday, leaving supply lines frozen, leading to shortage of
potable water across Kashmir.
As per Meteorological Department data, Srinagar recorded
minus 8.4 degrees Celsius on January 14 this year. The summer
capital surpassed it with minus 8.8 degrees Celsius recorded
during the last night of Chilai Kalan. The coldest night tempera-
ture recorded on January 20, 1991 was when mercury had plum-
meted to as low as minus 11.8 degrees Celsius, MeT data said.
This winter, record-breaking temperature has led to freezing of
supply lines and water storages making taps go dry. The freezing
temperatures have caused a lot of inconvenience as frozen pipe-
lines are forcing people to use different heating methods on these
supply lines to defreeze them. Parts of Dal Lake and other water
bodies have also been freezing due to low sub-zero temperatures.
Slippery surfaces due to the freezing temperatures have been
causing inconvenience, while formation of huge icicles on tin
roofs is reminiscent of harsh winters Kashmir bas seen in the past.
The 40-day Chilai Kalan which ended on Saturday is followed
by the 20-day ‘Chillai-Khurd’ (small cold) from January 30 to Feb-
ruary 19 and a 10-day ‘Chillai-Bachha’ (baby cold) from February
20 to March 1
Temperatures plummet:
Director MeT, Sonam Lotus said “a feeble Western Distur-
bance is likely to cause isolated to scattered precipitation during
February 1 and 3 and there would be a respite from the freezing
temperatures. “Due to this, we expect a gradual improvement in
minimum temperatures from tomorrow,” Lotus said.
Meanwhile, Srinagar on Sunday recorded the season’s coldest
day. The summer capital recorded 0.6 degrees, which was several
notches below the normal.
On Saturday, Srinagar had recorded 2 degrees Celsius maximum
temperature. For most of the weekend, dry and cold weather contin-
ued, leading to freezing temperatures being recorded even during
the day time in Srinagar and other places. Gulmarg recorded minus
8 degrees Celsius on Saturday night while the ski-resort recorded
day temperature at 2.5 degrees Celsius on Sunday. As per MeT
data, Pahalgam on Saturday night recorded minus 12 degrees and
3.5 degrees Celsius maximum temperature on Sunday. However,
Shopian in south Kashmir was the coldest recorded place in the
Valley on Saturday night at minus 15.1 degrees Celsius

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