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Teenage boy critically injured after attacked by stray dogs in Ganderbal

Umar Raina 

Ganderbal :-  A 11 year old boy critically injured after he was  attacked by stray dogs in Chount Waliwar area of Lar in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district on Monday reports said

Reports said that a group of stray dogs attacked and injured a teenage boy  in Chount Waliwar village on Monday late evening.

He has been identified as Ayan Iqbal S/O Mohd Iqbal residents of Waliwar.

Reports said injured boy were immediately taken to nearby health center for treatment

Locals alleged the menace of stray dogs in the entire Ganderbal district has become a cause of concern not only for residents but also for the authorities who have so far failed to put a check on their growing population. 

As per locals, there are thousands of dogs in Ganderbal,Beehama,Duderhama,Gund,Kullan,Gagangir,Ganiwan,Rayil,Sumbal,Margund and Kangan, Lar , Chount Waliwar areas and it seems that the authorities have no way to control them.

“Stray dogs can be seen in large groups around Schools,Footpaths, Roads, and Hospitals in the entire Ganderbal District, this is a major problem for all of us. The school going children are more prone to attacks by dogs, these dogs bite school going children’s,oldies chase them these dogs have made the life hell, particularly for oldies and childerns this is worrying ,said locals.

In our days here was hardly any dog but now there is hardly any place where there is not any dog.

Nowadays the dogs have outnumbered humans.Unknown vehicles containing a bunch of dogs are being put down of the vehicles in the market ,he said.

Authorities are in shamble to restrict the canine population, he said.

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