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Bilal Dar Sopore

Due to light rain, the bus stand takes the form of Sopore river.

People are forbidden to live by the top officials of Municipal Committee Sopore. As a result of negligence of Municipal Committee Sopore, the governor appealed to the administration to intervene: President Bus Stand Sopore(Shabir amad dar)

The bus stand of Tehsil Headquarters Sopore in Baramulla District of North Kashmir is out of sight of the administration. Speaking to media, the President of Bus Stand Sopore said that we are afraid that this is Sopore Bus Stand. Because mountains of dirt are being piled up here, which is why horses and dogs are starving in the Sopore bus stand.

Dogs and horses can be seen from all sides, which is creating an atmosphere of fear and terror among the people all the time. People are always afraid that dogs and horses will attack suddenly.

This has caused a wave of concern among the people. Although the President of Bus Stand Sopore has also spoken to Municipal Committee Officer Sameer Jan in this regard, no positive steps have been taken till date, which has caused concern to the drivers and shopkeepers. The moment is cutting.

On the other hand if the R&D department will also talk then they also have baseless promises with us. As a result, the Sopore bus stand turns into a river due to light rains, which has a detrimental effect on our business.

Shabir ahmad dar, President, Bus Stand Sopore, made a polite appeal to Deputy Commissioner Baramulla and the Governor’s administration to visit the bus stand and help us to get rid of this swamp and trouble so that we too can be free from this deadly virus like Karuna Vahirs. The disease can save not only yourself but also the lives of other human beings.

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