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Tral, Oct 04 (KNS): A girl from Tral area of Pulwama district in South Kashmir has managed to write a book with the motive to help youth in mitigating the depression.

Nayir Iqbal, daughter of Mohammad Iqbal Reshi, resident of Tral is a BUMS student, authored a poetry book titled as ‘Belief’ which “helps the youth to come out from the depression.”

Talking to this Journalist, Nayir said that youth now a days are getting involved in the depression, which usually affect their health and education.

She said that one of her friend once remained in a depression, following which she managed to write a ‘Ghazal’ for her, which helped her a lot in coming out from the depression.

“I helped one of my friends to come out from depression after i wrote a GHAZAL for her to read. Later, an idea flashed my mind that i should write more to help the more people in combating with depression,” Nayir said.
Nayir is interested in calligraphy work as well and has been doing calligraphy for a long time to share the same with the friends and the relatives.

His calligraphy work is being appreciated on social media, due to which young Nayir is mulling to continue this art as family members of her also hailed all his initiatives.

It’s pertinent to mention here that more than 12 young writers from Tral have authored books in different languages in last few years, however, they were not given any support by government.(KNS)

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