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Unbelievable! You can earn Rs 45,000 by selling a 1 rupee note

The COVID-19 pandemic has deteriorated the financial conditions of a lot of people in the country and many of them need quick and easy money so that they can cover their necessary expenses. Now you can also earn Rs 45,000 without stepping out from your house.

However, you can easily earn Rs 45,000, but there is a catch. You need to possess an old one rupee note

That one rupee note should have the signature of former Principal Secretary, Ministry of Finance, H.M Patel and it should also have the serial number 123456.

The one rupee currency can be sold at coinbazzar website. You need to go to ‘Shop’ section of the website. “Extremely rare, For collectors, One rupee bundle 1957, Signed by H.M Patel, with jumbling number 123456,” the website says

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