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Three Governors have Changed Since the Committee Was formed but Still report of the #Committee hasn’t Come!

On the name of Employment package/livelihood the then Prime Minister of Indian Democratic State Dr.Manmohan Singh announced a recruitment of 8000 National Youth corps in different government departments of J&K and Ladakh.

People of the entire state rejoiced the welcome move but little did they known it would be full of deceit & the basis of destruction for such recruited youngsters.

Youngesters in the age group of 18-25 years applied. After proper merit cum interview formalities 8000 NYCs were selected by respective Deputy Commissioners of the state to different government departments of J&K on a meagre honorarium of ₹ 2500 per head per Month.

Most of the selected NYCs were distinction holders in matriculate, left their regular studies in mid-way from colleges,Universities, technical institutions, etc.& accepted the appointment letters in the hope of getting permanent absorption in respective departments & to serve the people of J&K & Ladakh at young & tender age.

All the Youngsters served the departments with zeal,zest & enthusiasm, helped in bridging the gap between J&K Administration & public, curbed the menace of corruption to a satisfactory level which forced the then NC-Congress dispensation led by young Omar Abdullah to issue a permanent absorption cabinet order dt.22 Oct 2014 in favour of all these young & energetic NYCs in J&K Education Department, a copy of which is available with the J&K Education department & in the Archives Department as well.

But unfortunately the then Education Minister, Mr.Naeem Akhther kept the order in abeyance & hanging for reasons best known to him citing financial crisis when the same government was busy in engaging their kiths & kins at backdoor level & the 800 schools were later on upgraded but NYCs were sidelined deliberately.

After three years of hectic efforts we were finally reengaged by the same Mehbooba Mufti led government in the respective departments at a meagre & a rare pay scale of ₹ 2500 per Month, a broad daylight violation of Standards of Minimum Wages Act & in Violation of human rights. This pay scale in no way can fulfill & satiate anybody’s day to day needs & all the families of NYC employees are at the verge of starvation & suffering from all sorts of psychological ailments of depression, anxiety, mental stress,insomnia, etc.

Mr. K.K Sharma, the Head of service grievance committee under the regime of then Governor, Jinab Satyapal Malik Sahib formulated a committee under the chairmanship of DG Youth Services & Sports, Dr. Saleem-ur-Rehman under order no.16 Edu (YSS) of 2019 dt.14 Feb 2019 to sort out the genuine issues of NYC Employees.They Alhamdullilah submitted their recommendations in a time bound manner to Commissioner Secretary Youth Services & Sports but the file didn’t get its final approval for unknown reasons.

A year later in the same Month of February 27 2020 under order no.294-JK(GAD)of 2020 on the orders of new Lieutant Governor Jinab G.C Murmu Sahib another Committee under the Chairmanship of J&K Chief Secretary, Jinab BVR SUBRAMANYAM Sahib was formulated to sort out the grievances of this talented & dedicated class of NYC Employees of J and K & Ladakh but even after 06 Complete Months there are no whereabouts of the said committee & neither they have submitted their report to another Lieutenant Governor Jinab Manoj Sinha Sahib

Interesting or Worried part is Three Governors have Changed Since the Committee Was framed but still Committee is little bothered about the sufferings of JandK NYCs .

Even Secretary GAD,Mr.Farooq Ahmad is silent on the lackadaisical approach of the said committee.

We even approached X Lieutant Governor, Mr.GC Murmu on numerous occasions but all the time hoax & hollow assurances & nothing concrete & visible on ground.
Even the bureaucrats seem least interested with our sufferings despite knowing well our transparent mode of recruitment & the high qualifications of NYCs.

Our precious #Decade has been lost.Our future Continuously at the brink of destruction, in doldrums. Economic crunch is marring our lives. Our families the worst sufferers due to our mistakes. Our wards facing the brunt of we people & the politicians continue to play politics with our issue.
While performing duties we have lost Mr.Aftab Parvaiz while he was regulating traffic at Samba of Jammu.My rich tributes to his bravery.Another Colleague Mr.Javeed Ah Magray of Natnusa Kupwara is bed ridden due to severe fracture in his both lower limbs when he was hit by a speedy vehicle during duties.Another 07 NYC Colleagues have contracted the deadly COVID 19 virus while serving public in quarantine Centres & during sampling & are undergoing treatment.

J&K Administrtion has never taken care of such warriors nor to talk of their families who are undergoing worst sufferings.

Youth is Considered as the. #future & backbone of any state but in J&K same NYC youth are pushed to wall for political gains & is used as votebank for a Decade.
Despite our requests falling into deaf ears for all these 10 years, Today yet again on behalf of 6000NYC(National Youth Corps) Employees, I request Honourable Lieutant Governor, Jinab Manoj Sinha Sahib & Honourable Chief Secretary Mr. BVR Subramanyam to intervene in this humanitarian & youth issue on priority basis to give a one time solution to this Decade long lingering issue to put an end to the economic & social sufferings of 6000NYC Employees of J&K.
With profound regards
Syed Ishrat

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