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Waseem Rezvi has Lost his Mental Balance: Says Family

As the Muslim ummah is up in arms against Waseem Rezvi’s derogatory remarks about holy Quran, his younger brother broke the ice and released a video message in which said his brother has lost his mental balance.

In this video, he is heard and saying that, “Woh kabi Nimaaz hee Nahi Padta, na woh roze Rakhta hai.” (He never offer Nimaz nor he observe fasting)

His brother further said that he doesn’t have any affinity with his family. “He has lost his mental balance completely,” the younger brother said, while releasing video message.

Rezvi’s brother said he doesn’t know who is provoking him due to which he crossing such limits.

All schools of thought are demanding time bound action against him and all such elements who are a blot on the unity of Muslim ummah.

“He has commited a big blunder by filing a petition against 26 verses of holy Quran in Supreme Court,” the brother of Rezvi said.

He further added that there is force on earth which can change the verses of holy Quran.

It’s pertinent to mention here all schools of thought in Kashmir have condemned the move of waseem Rezvi, and termed him agent of ‘Satanic forces’.

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